marker light in a sentence

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  1. You can use it for architectural lighting, backlighting, marker lights, special effects.
  2. Round side marker lights on each fender were added in 1968.
  3. The marker lights moved back up beside the headlamps once again.
  4. Norfolk Southern has removed the red marker lights from the former CSX SD80MACs.
  5. Headlights, high beams, marker lights, right turn, left turn, emergency flashers.
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  7. Side marker lights were now shared with several other AMC models.
  8. The locomotive features dual-ended operation with end-of-train red marker lights.
  9. This marker light was mounted part way up the post.
  10. In addition, there are new marker lights on the front fenders to enhance visibility.
  11. The passing driver may then flash the trailer or marker lights to indicate thanks.
  12. Front marker lights became far shorter, and square in shape.
  13. Marker lights were integrated into the headlamp, and rectangular fog lamps replaced the circular ones.
  14. For 1968, all new US cars were equipped with front and rear side marker lights.
  15. The marker lights moved back up beside the headlamps.
  16. It has a diamond headlight, and ruby marker lights.
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