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  1. Each fighter was given a box and flew to its allotted marker beacon.
  2. VAR also used marker beacons similar to the ILS.
  3. The pilot could also hear the azimuth signal and the marker beacons in his headset.
  4. So players would not get lost in the terrain, they also introduced the marker beacons.
  5. The indicator also included two neon lamps to indicate when the aircraft crossed over each of the marker beacons.
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  7. Additional " marker beacons " ( low power VHF radio transmitters ) were sometimes included as supplementary orientation points.
  8. The aircraft's radio range equipment also lacked a marker beacon receiver, due to lack of sufficient parts.
  9. This occurs infrequently and only at outlying, low density airports where marker beacons or compass locators are already in place.
  10. ILS installations also include one or more " marker beacons " located off the end of the runway to provide distance indications as the aircraft approaches the runway.
  11. Marker beacons can be set on the map for Link to follow, and save points in the form of statues preserve Link's progress up to that point.
  12. A low-power DME can be collocated with an ILS glide slope antenna installation where it provides an accurate distance to touchdown function, similar to that otherwise provided by ILS marker beacons.
  13. Some countries, such as Canada, have abandoned marker beacons completely, replacing the outer marker with a non-directional beacon ( NDB ); and, more recently, with GPS fixes.
  14. The EBL 1 operated between 30 and 33 MHz and received the azimuth signals from a transmitter at the far end of the runway, The EBL 2 operated at 38 MHz and received the two marker beacons as the aircraft approached the threshold to land.
  15. Apparently only the certainly expedient change of pilot and, consequently, instruments took place, which admittedly resulted in accurately flown turns and courses but still did not rely on the marker beacon emissions which were essential for an ILS in view of the atmospheric disturbances.
  16. A "'marker beacon "'is a particular type of VHF radio beacon used in aviation, usually in conjunction with an instrument landing system ( ILS ), to give pilots a means to determine position along an established route to a destination such as a runway.
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