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  1. Alexandru Marghiloman became the new German-sponsored Prime Minister.
  2. Alexandru Marghiloman became the new German-sponsored prime minister.
  3. Marghiloman was appointed Premier, and agreed to sign Bessarabian Romanian union.
  4. Marghiloman nevertheless gave a contrasting account.
  5. Reputedly, he and Beldiman worked hard to undermine Marghiloman's reputation with the German side.
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  7. In a letter of gratitude to the President of the Romanian Red Cross Alexandru Marghiloman, dr.
  8. Before the war, Averescu tended to support the Conservative side, gravitating between Marghiloman and Ionescu.
  9. They elected many Liberals and [ Conservative-Democrats ] who have fled to Marghiloman's camp ."
  10. With many of its articles, " Seara " popularized Marghiloman's views on conservatism and geopolitics.
  11. Marghiloman made one final attempt to recover the losses, relaunching the Conservative group as a " Conservative-Progressive Party ".
  12. Retreated from public life following the collapse of Conservative politicians in post-war Greater Romania, Marghiloman died in his native town.
  13. Carp represented the " Junimea " club, as did his ministers Marghiloman, Constantin C . Arion and Titu Maiorescu.
  14. By August, the newspaper headlines were about the " Tramcar Affair ", an issue first brought up by Marghiloman and Dobrescu.
  15. The campaign and ballot count were touched by controversy, with Minister of the Interior Alexandru Marghiloman being widely accused of intimidation and fraud.
  16. According to the now-disgraced Marghiloman, his supporters were either barred from attending or, in Bianu's case, silenced.
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