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  1. Foreign Minister Mate Granic of Croatia has endorsed the proposed map.
  2. Maps provide a visual guide to parks, shopping and restaurants.
  3. Hopefully, she'll help provide a map for mine.
  4. He also set out a neat collection of maps of Aqaba.
  5. I looked at the map : It wasn't identified.
  6. It's difficult to find map in a sentence.
  7. I believe I now have a map of the cave area.
  8. Everything you do, you have got to draw a map.
  9. Well, hold on to your maps of the Grand Canyon.
  10. Here, roadside vendors sell maple syrup rather than star maps.
  11. A " final " map is open to adjustment.
  12. Dozens of venders sold hot food, clothing and California maps.
  13. He pulls down a roll-up map of the world.
  14. They have maps, and guided tours start from this point.
  15. Specific brochures, maps and coupons are provided to his clients.
  16. The maps are still being reprinted by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey.
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