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  1. Map layouts are not randomly generated, but enemy placement is.
  2. Map layouts were designed to minimize locations players could hide from enemy gunfire.
  3. Before beginning the game, the player chooses one of two world map layouts.
  4. In addition, the game map layout as well as the color palette differ between the regional versions.
  5. This version features a whole new map layout, upgraded to 3D graphics instead of the previous 2D graphics.
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  7. Aetolia launched on October 7, 2001, with a duplicate map layout of Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.
  8. Evidence of this division can be seen from the map layout around the village of No Man's Heath where the four counties still effectively meet.
  9. Most reviewers praised its stealth gameplay, level design, graphics, and replay value, but criticized its map layout, technical issues, and story.
  10. This gives the units eight directions of facing ( four box sides, plus four corners ), and shields are now octagonal in shape to work with the new map layout.
  11. Alongside this, improvements were made to the game's graphics and some elements were expanded, such as map layouts, mission structure, and the number of playable units per mission.
  12. Points of criticism were the map layout and leveling system . " Dengeki DS Style " praised the game's opening, but was mixed about the battle display and other aspects of gameplay.
  13. After more than a year of maintaining the " DotA : Allstars " map, with the impending release of an update that significantly changed the map layout, Guinsoo left the development to his adjutant Neichus in the year 2005.
  14. One notable exception was the Popcorn map, a map 14 minutes long that combined the fun of Treasure with the skill level of Islands with an entirely new map layout added in, complete with barriers, additional food, and additional ants.
  15. While the game maps are generally quite similar ( depicting futuristic technological cities, with roads, buildings, parks, etc . ), the map layout and architectural differences between each city are often significant, and many cities have unique buildings, parks or sculptures.
  16. GamesRadar criticized the game's map layout system, as they felt that it was " very easy to lose track of where you ve already been " and that it made the game more tedious due to players having to retread the same area in order to discover the level's exit.
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