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  1. :: Yes, we are working on the map issue at the moment.
  2. However the map issued by the surveyor generals office still carries the old name.
  3. The original survey was later revisited and revised maps issued on a number of occasions.
  4. Furthermore, the Eritreans recently found a new map issued in Tigray which showed parts of Eritrea as Ethiopia.
  5. Of course the numerous copies of the spurious map issued by Vertue are of little or no value;&
  6. It's difficult to find map issue in a sentence.
  7. Holbrooke has said the " map issue " may be reserved for talks between the countries'presidents.
  8. The Overground lines appear on Tube maps issued by TfL, and a separate map of the system is available.
  9. :: I am inclined, on the map issue, to lean partially on the side of including them.
  10. Oddly our Kashmir article only mentions map issues by refering to ext . links .-perhaps we can improve this.
  11. By 1653 a map issued by Swedish Military council showed that the fortress was destroyed and the castle was in ruins.
  12. But the same data included in the maps issued Thursday was posted on the department's Web site early this year.
  13. A map issued by the Funda玢o Mata do Bu鏰co lists 86 " remarkable trees " in the forest, one of which is a sequoia.
  14. I'm content to pass this nomination, as it satisfies the DYK criteria, though I would like to see the map issue fixed.
  15. And for their edification, there will be computerized information stations offering directions to crypt and niche locations, and even maps issuing forth from a printer.
  16. During the second day, Queen Nestra paddled to a spot different from the spot marked on the maps issued to the teams, which created much confusion.
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