maoz tzur in a sentence

  1. Maoz Tzur was established on the land of the IDF base in 1998.
  2. A sign proclaimed the name of what the settlers called their new neighborhood : Maoz Tzur, or the Tzur Stronghold.
  3. Additionally " State of Grace " samples from Maoz Tzur ( Rock of Ages ), an Ancient Jewish song typically sung around Hanukkah.
  4. It turned out that the developing company used the WZO ownership document relating to the " Maoz Tzur " neighborhood in southern Beit El, to claim ownership of the Ulpana Hill land.
  5. The planned neighborhood, called Maoz Tzur, is named after Ita Tzur and her 12-year-old son Efraim, who were killed when Palestinian gunmen attacked their family's car on a road near Beit El in December 1996.
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  7. Part of the reason is personal : We're members of Eschler's synagogue, Temple Beth David in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla . But another part is simply the infectious folk spirit Eschler brings to these holiday classics, including " Maoz Tzur " and " I Have a Little Dreidle ."

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