maoxian in a sentence

  1. One migrant who has learned to work around official disdain, and definitely has his papers in order, is Du Maoxian.
  2. Yu said that while apple trees usually take 20 to 30 years to produce their first fruit, Maoxian's special miniature variety already are yielding marketable apples.
  3. But in Maoxian, they are trying to bend nature to their will, using terracing techniques that for thousands of years have turned mountains into farmland in southwestern China.
  4. Kong and his 170 coworkers at the Maoxian Daqiao Lumber Inspection Station are supposed to get new jobs at hotels and other state-run businesses, county officials told reporters.
  5. Yu is director of forestry for Maoxian County, and the trees are an attempt to remake the ecology and economy of this remote gorge in the western Chinese province of Sichuan.
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