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  1. Maow consisted of guitarist Tobey Black, bassist Corrina Hammond and drummer Neko Case.
  2. Maow performed at various venues in British Columbia, including the Gastown Music Hall in Vancouver.
  3. The band changed the spelling of its name to Maow to avoid confusion with another group.
  4. We Say Die !, The Choir Practice, Maow, Collapsing Opposites, Herm閠ica and The Salteens.
  5. Years later she would go on to form her own all-female three piece Vancouver band, Maow.
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  7. They released their full-length album on 11 June 1996, " The Unforgiving Sounds of Maow ", on Mint Records.
  8. Ali Maow Maalin is the world's last known smallpox case . " Maalin remains the last case of naturally acquired smallpox in the world.
  9. Now owned and led by Luke Maow Bear, FishingKaki . com has since been revamped in all aspects, which includes design, structure and direction.
  10. One of their earliest successes was a band called cub who, alongside Bunnygrunt and labelmates Maow, helped pioneer the vein of indie pop known as cuddlecore.
  11. After a 12-year eradication program, the last case of smallpox was recorded in Somalia in 1977 _ 23-year-old Ali Maow Maalin developed the disease and lived.
  12. The last naturally occurring case of smallpox ( " Variola minor " ) was diagnosed on 26 October 1977, on Ali Maow Maalin, in the Merca District, of Somalia.
  13. The last naturally occurring case of indigenous smallpox ( " Variola minor " ) was diagnosed in Ali Maow Maalin, a hospital cook in Merca, Somalia, on 26 October 1977.
  14. The song " Karoline " was a re-recording of the song " Rebecca Lash " which Case had written and recorded with her previous band Maow . " Misfire " is a cover of a CMT did not air it, calling it too dark.

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