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  1. In 1994 Manx Airlines Europe became a franchise carrier for British Airways.
  2. When Manx Airlines existed, its head office was on the airport property.
  3. In September 1996 Manx Airlines Europe changed its name to British Regional Airlines.
  4. These included; Air New Zealand, Aer Lingus, British Midland Airways and Manx Airlines.
  5. "' Manx Airlines "'was an English-owned, Isle of Man-based airline which existed between 1982 and 2002.
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  7. When it existed, Manx Airlines had its head office on the grounds of Isle of Man Airport.
  8. In May 1955, BAS took over Isle of Man-based Manx Airlines, an independent airline operating charter flights and regional scheduled services.
  9. Apart from Britavia itself, BAS Group's operating subsidiaries encompassed Silver City Airways, Air Kruise, Aquila Airways, LAC and the original Manx Airlines.
  10. After a restructure of British Midland Group in 1994, Loganair's routes outside Scotland and the aircraft used operate them were transferred to Manx Airlines.
  11. In March 2001 British Airways purchased the British Regional Airlines Group ( holding company of British Regional Airlines and Manx Airlines ) for ?8m.
  12. By 1957, BAS's airline subsidiaries included Air Kruise, Aquila Airways, Britavia, the Lancashire Aircraft Corporation and the original Manx Airlines, apart from Silver City Airways itself.
  13. An earlier " Manx Airlines " had existed from 1953 until early 1958, based at Ronaldsway Airport and equipped with De Havilland Dragon Rapides and Douglas C-47 Dakotas.
  14. 1982 was also the year the CAA transferred Air UK's British Midland to form Manx Airlines, a new, jointly owned regional subsidiary based on the Isle of Man.
  15. The smaller carriers, British Regional Airlines, which operates as a British Airways franchise; Manx Airlines; Loganair; and Business Air; are being demerged from their parent company, Airlines of Britain Holdings PLC.
  16. Also in 1982, BMA, together with AirUK at the time ), formed Manx Airlines, and the following year it purchased a 75 % stake in Glasgow-based regional airline Loganair from The Royal Bank of Scotland.
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