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  1. Manpower development is vitally important to upgrading the efficiency of an organisation.
  2. On manpower development, he concedes construction is the leastattractive sector for local job-seekers.
  3. UCEP wants to offer a viable social programme for manpower development.
  4. Tertiary level education forms the bedrock of high level manpower development.
  5. It was founded in 2007 by " Camellia Educational and Manpower Development Trust ".
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  7. She retired on April, 1994 with the rank of Technical Assistant in the GSIS Manpower Development Division.
  8. But cost-cutting measures should not be done at the expense of education, manpower development, health and security.
  9. Manpower development programmes began in the early 1980s, and fisheries education was incorporated into the school curriculum.
  10. There are words here and there about quality of life and manpower development, but little about the country's vision.
  11. It started pioneering work of manpower development in the fields of physical and occupational therapy in the northern part of country.
  12. Infact, property and his pet subject-manpower development-occupy thebulk of his time . ` Today,'says Tsao, ` I'm doing only real estate.
  13. As a result, various activities are being planned here which include multimedia content development, multimedia manpower development and multimedia solutions development.
  14. The Tesda board has promulgated Resolution 98-02 directing the Secretariat to formulate and implement a comprehensive maritime manpower development program for ratings.
  15. Megawati said her country and the Philippines are negotiating bilateral agreements on forestry, tourism, social security, labor, manpower development, education and fishing.
  16. For strengthening the research base and manpower development of the country these two institutions should be given full autonomy on priority basis.
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