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  1. The Multimedia University in Cyberjaya isexpected to cater for part of this manpower demand.
  2. By then, the manpower demands of World War II had opened up many technical positions.
  3. Later, manpower demands and fiscal constraints resulted in this training being consolidated at one location Hondo, Texas.
  4. The manpower demands of World War II meant that major league baseball was bereft of major league talent.
  5. With ever more DP ships and with increasing manpower demands, the position of DPO is gaining increasing prominence.
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  7. "Once you get enough people and the manpower demands drop, the individual crewmen won't be called as often,"
  8. Slaves were usually not put at the oars, except in times of pressing manpower demands or extreme emergency.
  9. Impressment was essentially a Royal Navy practice, reflecting the size of the British fleet and its substantial manpower demands.
  10. The organisation was disbanded in 1947, but was reestablished in 1951 in response to the manpower demand caused by Cold War commitments.
  11. In the city, the manpower demands left some firehouses temporarily understaffed while fire officials shifted personnel from one station to another and even from one fire to another.
  12. Between 1990 and 1995, there was a 45 per cent increase in the direct employment in hotels where manpower demand was 39, 961 in 1990 and 68, 941 in 1995.
  13. Bentham promoted the concept of the Panopticon for much the same reasons that spur criminal-justice innovation today a ballooning prison population and the need for a cheap solution with light manpower demands.
  14. Its manpower demands were high enough that the reserve wing at McGuire launched public recruiting campaigns throughout New Jersey in the late 1960s, advertising on dozens of billboards and thousands of milk cartons.
  15. The Maharashtra government has already taken care of infrastructure availability like roads, water, power etc . Also to meet the manpower demand, Nagpur University has given sanction to 43 new Engineering colleges in and around Nagpur only.
  16. Meanwhile, the decision to occupy Nui Dat rather than co-locate 1 ATF with its logistic support at Vung Tau allowed the task force to have a greater impact but resulted in additional manpower demands to secure the base.
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