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  1. The Vietnam War caused a beef-up in the Guard's manpower and equipment.
  2. The winds prompted fire departments to deploy extra manpower and equipment.
  3. Army manpower and equipment were roughly equal, with a slight advantage to France.
  4. More importantly, perhaps, the civilian police lack manpower and equipment.
  5. The SRFAs cannot operate if there is no money, manpower and equipment to be mobilised.
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  7. It also lacks the money, manpower and equipment to carry out other usual functions of government.
  8. The panel argued that the army had insufficient manpower and equipment to fulfill Germany's international obligations.
  9. You need to have enough manpower and equipment on the ground to look after the rhinos.
  10. Knowing their disadvantages in manpower and equipment, the CPC executed a " passive defense " strategy.
  11. "The strategic plan is to strike an optimum balance between manpower and equipment, " the documents said.
  12. The AIF's requirements for manpower and equipment constrained the Militia during the early years of the war.
  13. Police have said they lack the manpower and equipment, including tear gas, to carry out the order.
  14. But anti-poaching patrols by game rangers have lacked resources, manpower and equipment to effectively comb the bush.
  15. The governments of 18 countries have offered manpower and equipment to help in the search-and-rescue operations, FEMA said.
  16. There are several new fire stations which cannot operate properly because of the lack of manpower and equipment.
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