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  1. During 1850 and 1926 manganese ore was mined in 80 mine workings.
  2. This area is mineral rich-surrounded by iron ore and Manganese ore mines.
  3. Also in 2006 it developed manganese ore mines at Shivarajpur in Panchmahals.
  4. Billiton is the world's top producer of chrome and manganese ores and alloys.
  5. The manifest said the cargo included 200 cases of manganese ore.
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  7. The most important manganese ore is pyrolusite ( MnO 2 ).
  8. However, manganese ore exports remained depressed due to recession in the steel industry.
  9. It occurs in iron-manganese ore deposits and their related skarns.
  10. The alloys are produced from manganese ore and coke in an electric arc furnace.
  11. In 1908 he took a post in Bombay analysing manganese ores and assaying gold.
  12. Koira has abundant deposits of iron ore and manganese ore.
  13. Konongo Gold Mine : Konongo manganese ores deposits have manganese content of 19.7 %.
  14. The Hongjia Mountain ( ) and Jianding Mountain ( ) contain the manganese ore.
  15. The district also produced byproduct bismuth, and iron-manganese ore.
  16. It occurs in low-grade metamorphosed sedimentary manganese ore deposits associated with hyalophane, braunite and tamaite.
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