manganese mines in a sentence

  1. After oil, timber and manganese mining are the other major sectors.
  2. There are numerous abandoned gold, silver, and manganese mine sites.
  3. Today, logging and manganese mining are the other major income generators.
  4. Iron and manganese mining are also important economic activities.
  5. Manganese mines form the main economy of the region.
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  7. It also includes the Manganese Mines Wildlife Management Area, a conservation area.
  8. Betterley then sold it to a manganese mine proprietor called Charles John Sims.
  9. When the railway reached the manganese mine at Moanda, the Cableway was closed.
  10. This place is famous for the Manganese mines.
  11. He also owned a manganese mine near Tumsar.
  12. Brazil will allow two states that sold part of a manganese mining company to Cia.
  13. Today, logging and manganese mining are the next-most-important income generators.
  14. There is an old, abandoned manganese mine on the northwestern slopes of the peak.
  15. They formed the basis for manganese mining activities that have ceased in the last century.
  16. Some areas have also been used for cattle grazing and for small-scale manganese mining.
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