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  1. The orange colored layers are stained with iron and manganese mineral deposits.
  2. The core may be microscopically small and is sometimes completely transformed into manganese minerals by crystallization.
  3. It also occurs as alteration of manganese minerals such as rhodocrosite during low oxygen metamorphism and metasomatism.
  4. It occurs as a primary phase or as alteration of other manganese minerals during metamorphism of manganese deposits.
  5. Laterite covers are formed on both sides of carbonatite ring with accumulation of residual ferruginous-manganese minerals.
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  7. The chemical composition of nodules varies according to the kind of manganese minerals and the size and characteristics of the core.
  8. Joseph Milligan sent specimens of a manganese mineral from Frenchman's Cap and Galena to the 1851 Great Exhibition in London.
  9. High quality samples have been found in South Africa and Namibia where it is associated with other manganese oxides, pyrolusite and psilomelane and the iron-manganese mineral bixbyite.
  10. Its estimated reserves are about 40.205 billion tons of iron ore of 50 % iron, mainly in hematite and magnetite form, and in lesser quantities in siderite and manganese minerals.

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