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  1. In fact, the president is manfully rising to her defense.
  2. Schwarzenegger wears his armor manfully and delivers such lines with suitable smirks.
  3. King's challengers set manfully to their task on Tuesday night.
  4. John Dossett manfully does his best in a thankless part.
  5. Venkatesh shoulders all the burden of the family and his role manfully.
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  7. He is said, by contemporaries, to have borne the news manfully.
  8. Dukakis tried manfully . . . to identify the deficit as a major issue.
  9. Manfully, imperfectly, he was making the most of what he has left.
  10. President Hoover tried manfully to fill it up.
  11. Though Jeff turned the boat and manfully tried to recover it, he was unsuccessful.
  12. The battle was nevertheless manfully supported and the assailants in front driven back on their center.
  13. I never knew that, and for decades I struggled manfully with my made up versions.
  14. All of them manfully struggled into accessorized gowns to audition for roles they wound up not getting.
  15. Instead of manfully staying to face the music, I turned tail in utter panic and ran.
  16. Nervously approaching the house, Emsworth is embarrassed by a carful of blondes, but carries on manfully.
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