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  1. See disease cycle and management sections for details.
  2. I coordinated very closely with Ms . Diefenderfer and others in the certificate management section,
  3. This site plan includes a hill management section detailing Alta s management decisions regarding its ski runs.
  4. The person was Seiken Shukumine, who at that time was an officer of the storage management section.
  5. The company's fund management section and Japanese operations will remain intact, however, the spokesman said.
  6. It's difficult to find management section in a sentence.
  7. In 1992 the business split off its information management section, with Sterk heading the new company, USConnect Edmonton.
  8. This was the reason why the government chose Dhuvaafaru after some studies from " Disaster Management Section ".
  9. Once you're in, look for anything that looks like a power management section, then turn it off.
  10. Capt . Kevin J . Hayden of the New Jersey State Police emergency management section said evaluations would begin next week.
  11. To compliment the waste management section and ongoing recent peer review of incineration a peer review of this article would be welcome.
  12. I was trying to add a list of shows and a funding and management section, both of which he repeatedly deleted.
  13. Hit up the refs on the Main ADHD page in the management section to find some decent scientific papers on the subject.
  14. In 1975 the setting up of a special management section for foreign broadcasting and journalism laid the foundations for significant development of the sector.
  15. From there the power management section of the display properties sees the system is idle after 5 minutes and puts the system in hybernation.
  16. In 2005, Cooke received the Award of Excellence from the Fisheries Management Section of the American Fisheries Society ( AFS ) jointly with Drs.
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