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  1. Young is currently a professor of management scientists at St . Bonaventure University.
  2. Impact on Jobs and Workplaces-in the early days of computers, management scientists anticipated that computers would replace human decision-makers.
  3. The management scientist's mandate is to use rational, systematic, science-based techniques to inform and improve decisions of all kinds.
  4. Noyce : the visionary, born to inspire; Moore : the virtuoso of technology; and Grove : the technologist turned management scientist.
  5. Several management theories, most notably bounded rationality and the behavioral theory of the firm, were established by Carnegie School management scientists and economists.
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  7. He joined the RAND Corporation in 1998, where he served as Senior Management Scientist and Professor at the Frederick S . Pardee RAND Graduate School in Santa Monica, California.
  8. "The main problems are the economical problems of this country, " said Artemisa Castro, a marine resource management scientist in Guaymas who has spent her last 15 years focusing on the Sea of Cortez.
  9. "' 0brahim Sirkeci "'( born 1972 ) is a British Turkish management scientist, Ria Financial Professor of Transnational Studies and Marketing at the European Business School London, Regent's University London, and Director of Regent's Centre for Transnational Studies.
  10. "' Thomson McLintock Whitin "'( January 12, 1923  December 9, 2013 ) was an American management scientist, and Emeritus Professor of Economics and Social Sciences at Wesleyan University, known for his work on inventory control and inventory management.

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