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  1. The survey was directed by the Boston-based Management Sciences for Health.
  2. "It's all a giant unknown, " said Jim Rankin, director of Management Sciences for Health's center for pharmaceutical management.
  3. Other partners in the project included Abt Associates ] the Academy for Educational Development ( AED ), and Management Sciences for Health.
  4. Management Sciences for Health, a Boston-based group, received a $ 5 million grant from the US Agency for International Development to survey the Afghanistan's public health infrastructure.
  5. "This is a long haul ahead, " said Ron O'Connor, founder of Management Sciences for Health, a Boston-based nonprofit organization that supports public health in the developing world.
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  7. A form of CBM has been developed by Management Science for Health ( MSH ) and the United Nations Children s Fund ( UNICEF ) that utilizes the Monitoring Curve.
  8. Afghanistan is joined by African nations of Angola and Niger as having the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, said Denis Broun, managing director of Management Sciences for Health's European division.
  9. Paul Ickx, a survey adviser at Management Sciences for Health who has spent more than a decade in Afghanistan and Pakistan, said that the review of the country's health system pinpointed many areas with poor coverage.
  10. The survey, directed by the Boston-based Management Sciences for Health and released this week in Washington, found that although the country has more health facilities operating than previously thought, about a third are damaged by war or earthquakes.
  11. The Tuberculosis Control Assistance Programme ( TB CAP ) is another project taken up between BRAC Afghanistan, World Health Organization ( WHO ) and Management Sciences for Health ( MSH ) in a bid to fight TB in Afghanistan.
  12. Written by analysts at Management Sciences for Health, a Boston-based nonprofit group, the plan included information on consumer demand; price breakdowns of conventional and long-lasting nets; distribution costs; the impact of taxes and tariffs; and projections of net distributions.
  13. The statistics came from an extract from an upcoming study on Afghan health commissioned by the United Nations, the European Union and U . S . and Japanese development agencies and conducted by Management Sciences for Health, a Boston-based non-governmental organization.
  14. Current board affiliations in addition to TPI include : Management Sciences for Health, the Gerald and Henrietta Rauenhorst Foundation, Robina Foundation, Elm Foundation, Mediators Foundation, Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University, where he also serves as a Senior Fellow.
  15. The eleven organizing partners are : The Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank Group, World Health Organization, Oxfam, Save the Children, Management Sciences for health, Action for Global Health, CapUHC, Community Working Group on Health, Global Parliamentary Network on UHC, and Public Health Foundation of India.
  16. "I believe what has happened to immunization coverage may be the greatest public health tragedy of our generation, " said Ron O'Connor, chief executive officer of Management Sciences for Health in Boston, which received a $ 29 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in September to start pilot projects to rebuild health care services.
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