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  1. Economic Management Sciences as a learning area comprises Accounting and Business Studies.
  2. It was subsequently reprinted in the December 2004 issue of Management Science.
  3. His studies in business administration and management sciences are a personal pursuit.
  4. Lourie's next assignment was in operations research, also known as management science.
  5. Affiliated to the SBS-EM, CEB is its research institute in management sciences.
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  7. Computer Management Sciences Inc . rose 2 3 / 8 to 28.
  8. It aims to develop and promote advanced scientific research in management sciences.
  9. He defines it as a grouping of social engineering and management science.
  10. Hassan became associated with the Lahore University of Management Sciences in 2006.
  11. The terms management science and decision science are sometimes used as synonyms.
  12. Some management science theorists even hold that the idea is now obsolete.
  13. The PhD program in Management Science offers specializations in Finance and Analytics.
  14. Guanghua offers three academic degrees : bachelor's degree, Management Science and Engineering.
  15. He teaches political science at the Lahore University of Management Sciences.
  16. The survey was directed by the Boston-based Management Sciences for Health.
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