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  1. Since 2010 he is Adjunct Professor at the Antwerp Management School.
  2. Traditional management schools _ and the business world _ have changed greatly.
  3. He did not go to hotel and restaurant management school.
  4. In quality of management schools, the country was ranked 13th worldwide.
  5. It has a management school that offers Master of Business Administration degrees.
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  7. In 1998 he was appointed Executive Professor at the Antwerp Management School.
  8. He is also appointed as Professor at Antwerp Management School.
  9. As a young man he studied at a management school.
  10. Established in 1968, it is among the earliest Management Schools in India.
  11. The ANBS is Australia's national management school.
  12. He is diplomed from the Hautes 蓆udes Commerciales ( HEC ) management school.
  13. At Lancaster University Management School, he gained an MSc in Operational Research.
  14. He was also associated with the Antwerp Management School.
  15. At the Antwerp Management School he is also Academic Director EMBA since 2011.
  16. In 2011 he is appointed Professor Enterprise Engineering at the Antwerp Management School.
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