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  1. The damage we're doing in our management scheme is irreparable.
  2. No management schemes have yet been enacted for this species.
  3. Reaction to this digital rights management scheme was extremely negative.
  4. Fraud pervaded KnowledgeWare because of the management scheme to inflate revenue and earnings.
  5. It implements a region-based memory management scheme.
  6. It's difficult to find management scheme in a sentence.
  7. A Community Wastewater Management Scheme was implemented in 2009.
  8. This species is not currently the subject of any conservation or management schemes.
  9. In the 1960s the work became the theoretical platform for North European management schemes.
  10. The Graduate Trainee Management Scheme is a recruitment service offered by Norwich Business School.
  11. Their research projects on fisheries management schemes studies catch shares ( e . g.
  12. Designers considered a reduced window management scheme that would operate only in full-screen mode.
  13. Edmonson said, " and now we have 1, 000 miles of both management schemes.
  14. The traffic management scheme that will be implemented during the remaining construction work varies for the three areas.
  15. But competing digital rights management schemes are multiplying, and don't play well with each other.
  16. This scheme, together with the RMP, is known as the Revised Management Scheme ( RMS ).
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