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  1. Two other Malevich works were sold at Saturday's auction.
  2. Khlebnikov, Kazimir Malevich, and Igor Terentiev, among others.
  3. Malevich, Miro and the Bauhaus all affected him, but adversely.
  4. There are very few buyers out there for a Malevich,
  5. The group was led by the founder of Suprematism, Kazimir Malevich.
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  7. Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich were both influenced by him.
  8. The work of Kazimir Malevich and Piet Mondrian also strongly influenced McLaughlin.
  9. The world of ideas  is the world of Malevich.
  10. Kasimir Malevich and Piet Mondrian are chief among them.
  11. Malevich returned home and died several years later without ever retrieving the art.
  12. Two other Malevich works were sold at the auction.
  13. I view my act as a dialogue with Malevich.
  14. Kazimir Malevich and Pavel Filonov co-illustrated it.
  15. Sandberg acquired a group of works by Russian artist Kazimir Malevich in 1958.
  16. Gauntlets, 1908 1914 " alongside Kazimir Malevich.
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