makeshifts in a sentence

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  1. Remains were taken to a makeshift morgue next to the airport.
  2. But he was laughed out of the Chargers'makeshift offices.
  3. McCurry said at a briefing at a makeshift press room here.
  4. The makeshift interview room normally houses the Giants'weightlifting equipment.
  5. In prison, he stabbed two guards with a makeshift knife.
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  7. Insurance companies set up makeshift claim centers along the cafeteria walls.
  8. Hunnicutt said the makeshift arrangement began to fall apart in 1996.
  9. She had made a makeshift candle shrine near the procession route.
  10. Moments later, soldiers began circling their makeshift camp at Wendji.
  11. The body of Nazmi Jashari now lies in the makeshift morgue.
  12. Cooper said, using a fallen wall as a makeshift altar.
  13. Their protection consisted of makeshift dikes they constructed and maintained themselves.
  14. Smoke fills the room each time they light their makeshift stoves.
  15. The hair clogged the makeshift pump and spoiled the meager rations.
  16. The prime minister entered Stankovic I near a makeshift swimming hole.
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