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  1. Obviously the AP's chart maker had things exactly backward.
  2. My last stops were at two small sofa-bed makers.
  3. Conspicuous consumption, the luxury car makers grumble, is out.
  4. He is not the decision-maker, only the mouthpiece.
  5. Pasadena, Calif ., developer and maker of electronic media products
  6. It's difficult to find makers in a sentence.
  7. $22.95 . ) A film maker pursues the secret
  8. It is not clear whether the investigation involves foreign car makers.
  9. One analyst says the market is very receptive to semiconductor makers.
  10. Alhambra, Calif ., maker of linear fiber optic products.
  11. Film makers sometimes push the envelope in one direction or another.
  12. Nasdaq has multiple market makers entering transactions on a single stock.
  13. Policy-makers have acknowledged the scope of the forest crisis.
  14. Plane makers blame an increasingly litigious society for their past troubles.
  15. Not GM nor any other auto maker has challenged this authority.
  16. As a film maker ( " Bull Durham,"
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