makeovers in a sentence

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  1. He came to San Diego and did not attempt a makeover.
  2. The author is a makeover expert who appears frequently on television.
  3. Spencer had some other ideas, however, for a makeover.
  4. Baseball needs an image makeover, and so does Mickey Mantle.
  5. Like any aspiring star, it's getting a makeover.
  6. It's difficult to find makeovers in a sentence.
  7. The new $ 100 bill unveiled Wednesday got the first makeover.
  8. Deutsche Bank Makeover Plan Seen Hurt by Low Morale, Paper Says
  9. But ominously, future episodes show unmistakable signs of questionable makeovers.
  10. He won a $ 10, 000 Sears Kenmore Kitchen Makeover.
  11. J . C . Penney Co . is undergoing a makeover.
  12. The fruits of Clinton's makeover are now on display.
  13. And then came the Jets'makeover in the off season.
  14. Who knows what kind of ripple effect such makeovers might have?
  15. It's time the ugly little condors got a makeover.
  16. When the pair got healthy, Rodnina began their skating makeover.
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