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  1. Paquette has been senior vice president of maintenance and airport operations.
  2. It has assumed 60 percent of the total cost of maintenance.
  3. None of the auxiliary costs associated with maintenance are tax deductible.
  4. There are no problems or questions about maintenance records or problems,
  5. Engineers accuse management of cutting back on maintenance to save money.
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  7. He says the thing is sturdy and requires very little maintenance.
  8. Many of the costs involve maintenance and police and fire protection.
  9. His father, Tuan Lu Nguyen is an electromechanical maintenance technician.
  10. The ultimate low-maintenance pet has become even more so.
  11. And going blonde is always going to be high-maintenance.
  12. She said they had been ignored by the headquarters maintenance staff.
  13. He will work at the carrier's Vancouver maintenance base.
  14. Between-flight repairs and maintenance take less than a week.
  15. He has a reputation for being a high-maintenance guy,
  16. New maintenance facilities will include a greenhouse and an environmental laboratory.
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