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  1. The service also maintains less extensive information on 300 other charities.
  2. Seoul maintains officially that it is still interested in a meeting.
  3. It challenges me to maintain the integrity of the police department.
  4. The second force would help maintain security after the Americans leave.
  5. Transit officials maintain that the sagging sales do not worry them.
  6. It's difficult to find maintain in a sentence.
  7. The plant must maintain a maximum relative humidity of 50 percent.
  8. But the brothers maintain that they have always been this way.
  9. Both customer and merchant would maintain accounts with the third party.
  10. Q : How many national cemeteries does the United States maintain?
  11. Her daughter, however, still maintains a relationship with her.
  12. Walters maintains during a telephone interview from her home in England.
  13. Lowenthal, however, believes the groups should maintain their independence.
  14. I said, wanting to maintain my ambivalence over the situation.
  15. It was easy to maintain the level I was playing at.
  16. His company maintains headquarters in Mexico City, Monterrey and Dallas.
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