maillot in a sentence

"maillot" meaning  
  1. Maillot also knows how he wants to run a ballet company.
  2. Maillot's leadership is, in many senses, unique.
  3. Styles included form fitting maillots as well as full skirted swimsuits.
  4. Maillot's duet is an abstract, pure-dance piece.
  5. Maillot has once more thrust himself into some lofty company.
  6. It's difficult to find maillot in a sentence.
  7. The Maillot Jaune lay on the ground screaming with pain.
  8. He married Augustine Jeanne Maillot in September 1920 but was soon widowed.
  9. Basso had been a former winner of the maillot blanc in 2002.
  10. In 1991 Yates then moved to Briton to wear the maillot jaune.
  11. He wore the maillot jaune for three days during the 1951 Tour.
  12. It was a classic plaid high-neck maillot.
  13. Maillot expects to be " less tolerant " in New York.
  14. Fifteen days have passed since the events at Maillot.
  15. The race started from Porte Maillot and went through the Bois de Boulogne.
  16. Maillot told French all-news channel LCI.
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