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  1. Michigan forward Maceo Baston said, " is he doesn't like contact ."
  2. But Maceo Baston blocked it and the ball bounced away as time expired.
  3. Maceo Baston scored 17 points and Robert Traylor added 10 points and 15 rebounds to lead Michigan.
  4. Forwards Jerod Ward and Maceo Baston, both 6-9, will give the Bruins fits with their size and athleticism.
  5. Bailey and Henderson once played against Michigan's Maceo Baston in an high school all-star game in Las Vegas.
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  7. Maceo Baston, a junior who came off the Michigan bench, made 7 of 12 shots and scored 18 points.
  8. The leading rebounders were Traylor ( 347 ), Maceo Baston ( 227 ), and Jerod Ward ( 206 ).
  9. G; Maceo Baston, 6-9 Soph.
  10. But watch out for the Frosh Five : Jeron Ward, Willie Mitchell, Maurice Taylor, Maceo Baston and Travis Conlan.
  11. The leading rebounders were Robert Traylor ( 271 ), Maceo Baston ( 231 ), and Maurice Taylor ( 218 ).
  12. The Toronto Raptors signed forward Maceo Baston for the remainder of the season and released center Zendon Hamilton on Monday.
  13. Maceo Baston scored 23 points and blocked a last-second jumper by Bryant Boston to lead the Wolverines ( 8-2 ).
  14. Maceo Baston and Louis Bullock each had 15 points for Michigan, which had a 20-point lead early in the second half.
  15. The Wolverines, who got 20 points from Maceo Baston and 17 from Louis Bullock, could not open a comfortable lead until the final seconds.
  16. Then there is former Dallas Spruce star Maceo Baston ( 11.4 points, 6.3 rebounds ), who has a 67.7 field-goal percentage and 39 blocked shots.
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