maceo and the macks in a sentence

  1. It is built around a sample of " Soul Power 74 " by Maceo and the Macks, and was noted for its heavy use of saxophone and horn instrumentation.
  2. Growing up, she was influenced by Latin styles ranging from sample of " Soul Power 74 " by Maceo and the Macks, and is characterized by a repetitive saxophone riff . " The New York Times " called it " one of the year's most unusual R & B songs " which sounded " like nothing else on the radio ".
  3. This is " The Long Good Friday " as conceived for the men's magazine Maxim, with a special music remix; the restless soundtrack ranges from Massive Attack to Oasis to Maceo and the Macks . ( Oasis has spent almost as much time in British tabloids as Ritchie, whose new Mrs ., Madonna, is represented here by the song " Lucky Star . ")
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