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  1. In 1959 MacEntee became T醤aiste when Se醤 Lemass was elected Taoiseach.
  2. Firefighter Jimmy MacEntee said as he took the probie aside.
  3. Ulstermen like Sean MacEntee spoke strongly against the partition clause.
  4. MacEntee joined the staff of the college in 1977 with his appointment as dean.
  5. Se醤 MacEntee died in Dublin on 10 January 1984, at the age of 94.
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  7. During his tenure at this department MacEntee introduced the important Trade Union Act ( 1941 ).
  8. In 1957 Fianna F醝l returned to power with an overall majority with MacEntee being appointed Minister for Health.
  9. In the 1930s and 1940s Se醤 MacEntee was considered Lemass's closest rival for the top job.
  10. In 1994 Patrick MacEntee, a native of the town of Monaghan, assumed the position of president.
  11. Se醤 MacEntee, the Minister for Finance, tried to deal with the crisis in the balance of payments.
  12. In 1941 another reshuffle of ministers took place, with MacEntee becoming Minister for Local Government and Public Health.
  13. When the Fianna F醝l parliamentary party met on 22 June Se醤 MacEntee proposed Lemass as leader, with Frank Aiken seconding the motion.
  14. Michael Collins, acting on a suggestion by Se醤 MacEntee, organised a boycott of Belfast goods in response to the attacks on the Catholic community.
  15. MacEntee founded the Association of Patent Agents in 1929, having gained his interest in Patents when he worked as an assistant engineer in Dundalk Urban District Council.
  16. In 1939 World War II broke out and a cabinet reshuffle resulted in MacEntee being appointed Minister for Industry and Commerce, taking over from his rival Se醤 Lemass.
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