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  1. It is about 100 km long and originates in southeastern Guinea near Macenta.
  2. There are plenty of diamonds in Macenta,
  3. She was in Macenta after delivering supplies from the UNHCR office in Danane, Ivory Coast.
  4. Djeya disappeared after delivering supplies to a UNHCR base in the town of Macenta, Guinea.
  5. Last September one UNHCR worker was killed and another abducted in the Guinean town of Macenta.
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  7. The release near the border town of Macenta followed " weeks of intense negotiations,"
  8. "' Macenta "'is a prefecture located in the Nz閞閗or?Region of Guinea.
  9. "' Macenta "'is a town in southeastern Guinea, founded by the Toma people.
  10. The release near the border town of Macenta followed " weeks of intense negotiations, " it said.
  11. So for Moussa Kourouma, a Guinean who fled here from Macenta, the basis of the fresh conflict was clear.
  12. There was no indication that the staff in Macenta had been targeted because they worked for the agency, UNHCR said.
  13. It said some 50 people were killed Sept . 1 in an attack on Massadou village, about 15 miles from Macenta.
  14. The head of the U . N . refugee agency operation in Macenta, Mensah Kpognon, was killed in the same attack.
  15. Macenta Prefecture, 200 kilometers from Korokpara, registered Guinea's fifth fatality due to Ebola virus disease within the same period.
  16. Balizia "'is a town and sub-prefecture in the Macenta Prefecture in the Nz閞閗or?Region of south-eastern Guinea.
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