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  1. Pierre Macena, owner of Macena Systems in Middleton, also denied wrongdoing.
  2. Pierre Macena, owner of Macena Systems in Middleton, also denied wrongdoing.
  3. On 11 January 2014, Macena transferred to Chinese Super League side Hangzhou Greentown.
  4. After spending seven years in Denmark, Macena moved to Chinese Super League side Shandong Luneng on February 16, 2012 for an undisclosed fee.
  5. Instead, Brazilian Gilberto Macena from the Danish 2nd Division East team Holb鎘 B & I became the top scorer for AC Horsens, netting twelve times during the season.
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  7. "Mama Lola : A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn ", a biography of Marie Th閞鑣e Alourdes Macena Champagne Lovinski, is arguably McCarthy Brown's most important contribution to the field of anthropology.
  8. During an interview, athlete Wilfrid Macena, who is a prosthetic technician at Project Medishare said,  I talk to the amputee patients and let them know that one day, they can be like me.
  9. Gilberto Macena arrived in Denmark in 2005, when he signed for the minor league club Holb鎘 B & I . After one successful season in Holb鎘, he moved to the Danish Superliga team AC Horsens where he was the club top goalscorer on several occasions.
  10. Chapter 3 : Alphonse Macena and Mary Noelsine Joseph ( Sina ) develop a romantic relationship that is inherent with an instant mutual attraction and a belief of escape from their respective worlds that they saw in one another; while alternatively resulting in a disastrous courtship that instills wisdom in Sina ( 81-87 ).
  11. In 2014, Mel Lisboa plays the singer Rita Lee in the play " Rita Lee Mora ao Lado-O Musical ", directed by M醨cio Macena and D閎ora Dubois, based on the book " Rita Lee Mora ao Lado-Uma biografia alucinada da rainha do rock ", the writer Henrique Bartsch.
  12. "' Marie Th閞鑣e Alourdes Macena Champagne Lovinski "'( born 1936, Haiti ) [ 1 ] commonly known as "'Mama Lola "', is perhaps the most famous Vodou priestess practicing in the United States, rising to prominence in America following the publication of the anthropologist Karen McCarthy Brown's ethnographic account of her life, " Mama Lola : A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn ".
  13. In Massachusetts, Microsoft alleges that counterfeit copies of its popular Windows operating system, or other programs, were sold by Horizon Computer of Framingham, Macena Systems Inc . of Middleton, National Computer Co . of Quincy, CTS Computer Hardware Discount Inc . of Newton, Corporate Computer Consultants of Londonderry, N . H ., Worldwide Computer Solutions Inc . of Keene, N . H ., and Compusource of Johnston, R . I.

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