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  1. Jane C . MacElree told The Journal that " we support what the company is doing ."
  2. In addition to Ms . MacElree, they are Christopher Bancroft, Martha S . Robes and William C . Cox Jr.
  3. David Li, chief executive of Bank of East Asia Ltd ., Jane MacElree, a member of the family that controls Dow Jones, and James Ottaway Jr ., senior vice president of Dow Jones, were re-elected to three-year terms.
  4. Full-time residents of an island often feel neglected by a distant mainland government . " Municipalities look at these islands as cash cows, " said Jim MacElree, a Pennsylvania county judge who owns property in Avalon Manor . " Our property taxes generate significant revenue but we get very little in return ."
  5. MacElree, of Avalon Manor, estimates that it has cost secession-minded homeowners there between $ 100, 000 and $ 250, 000 to fight their battle over the last four years . " You need to hire a good lawyer, and do lots of fund-raising, " he said . " Because one thing is certain : The town will battle back and use your own tax dollars against you ."
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