maartje in a sentence

  1. Describing Maartje's pain as " unacceptable,"
  2. Prins said he acted to relieve Maartje when medical treatment was futile.
  3. Maartje would have survived in excruciating pain at most several months, he said.
  4. Maartje Geurts has a relationship with Jaron d.
  5. As well as rape and strangulation, Maartje's body was set on fire.
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  7. Both sisters played their club cricket for Quick Haag ( opening the batting with Maartje K鰏ter.
  8. Prins was charged with murder in the 1993 death of four-day-old Baby Maartje.
  9. Restaurant Inter Scaldes earned its second star in 1984 under the leadership of head chef Maartje Boudeling.
  10. Mijntje Donners, Chanta de Bruijn and Kim Lammers got two each, with one from Maartje Scheepstra.
  11. The Netherlands pulled to within one when Maartje Scheepstra scored on a penalty corner in the 38th minute.
  12. He moved to Hoorn in where, according to the local archives, Rotius married Maartje Ambrosiusdr in 1643.
  13. Te Beest was in a 24-run partnership with Maartje Koster for the fifth wicket, the score being 34.
  14. The following year Dekker became World Junior Champion in the fours with Rijnten, Karin Klinge and Maartje Breeman in Glasgow.
  15. Kees and Maartje Boudeling sold the restaurant in 2001 to Claudia and Jannis Brevet, formerly owners of Helianthushof in Uden.
  16. In the 52nd minute Maartje Scheepstra brought down Agustina Garcia in the scoring zone and Mercedes Margalot equaled the scores with the penalty stroke.
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