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  1. In 2001 the village of Maartensdijk had 4395 inhabitants.
  2. Since 1980 he lived in Sint-Maartensdijk with his daughter and dog.
  3. N56 Flushing-Middelburg-Kortgene-Sint Maartensdijk-Tholen-Bergen op Zoom
  4. He already had one as First Noble for Philip William, who had inherited Maartensdijk.
  5. Including the surrounding countryside, the statistical area " Maartensdijk " has a population of 5010.
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  7. It then merged with Westbroek, which in its turn was annexed by Maartensdijk in 1957.
  8. Anna was born in Cranendonck, of Jaarsveld, of Kortgene, of Sint Maartensdijk, and of Odijk.
  9. The ancestors of Vanderpuije originally came from Sint-Maartensdijk on the former island of Tholen in the Netherlands.
  10. He was appointed as bailiff of Sint-Maartensdijk and Scherpenisse by his father and is cited as such in 1500 and 1505.
  11. "' Erik van Schaaik "'( Maartensdijk, 24 July 1968 ) is a producer, production designer and composer.
  12. "' Floris van Egmond "'( ca . 1470  25 October 1539 ) was count of Buren and Leerdam and Lord of IJsselstein and Sint Maartensdijk.
  13. Formerly named Rapallo, she was interned at New York during World War I and was acquired by the Navy and placed in commission in March 1918 as USS Maartensdijk ( ID # 2497 ).
  14. "Maartensdijk " returned to New York City 9 February 1919 . She decommissioned there 25 February 1919; transferred to the U . S . Shipping Board the same day; and subsequently was returned to her owner, Holland American Line.
  15. "' Bella Hage "', commonly known by her married name "'Bella van der Spiegel-Hage "', ( born 5 May 1948 ) is a Dutch former professional cyclist from Sint-Maartensdijk, in the province of Zeeland.
  16. Prior to World War I, she sailed the Atlantic sealanes and in 1918 was owned by Holland-American Line, Rotterdam, Netherlands . " Maartensdijk " was seized by U . S . Customs at New York City 20 March 1918; turned over to the Navy 21 March; and commissioned 28 March for duty with NOTS.
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