maarten van gent in a sentence

  1. This track was also released as the 7 inch " Illusies 1 & 2 " under the bandname Zoikle, consisting of Sok, guitarist Lukas Simonis, cellist Nina Hitz, drummer Cor Hoogerdijk and Maarten van Gent on metal percussion.
  2. TALLINN, Estonia _ From this remote ancient port along the Gulf of Finland, sports agent Maarten van Gent helps decide the outcome of high school basketball games in American towns such as Wellston, Ohio, and Logan, W . V.
  3. In an e-mail to Estonian sports agent Maarten van Gent, Donny Tuley, basketball coach at Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma City, Okla ., thanks van Gent for sending information on players wanting to come to the United States and adds:
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