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  1. Each lymphocyte bears a molecular receptor that matches its particular target.
  2. HIV infects white blood cells, or lymphocytes, called CD4.
  3. What they have in common is the malignancies of the lymphocytes.
  4. To do their jobs, lymphocytes must stick to other cells.
  5. Perhaps the least awkward is BLyS, for B lymphocyte stimulator.
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  7. Ordinarily the immune system kills lymphocytes infected with Epstein-Barr.
  8. The babies have a defective gene that literally blocks lymphocyte formation.
  9. Fingolimod may give rise to hypertension and reduction in lymphocyte levels.
  10. This would trigger killing of enterocytes by lymphocytes in the epithelium.
  11. NK Cells are not a subset of the T lymphocyte family.
  12. The lymphocyte count can also be directly measured by flow cytometry.
  13. Karyotype from a female human lymphocyte ( 46, XX ).
  14. In this way, it governs the action of cytotoxic lymphocytes.
  15. Again, no statistically significant differences in lymphocyte function were noted.
  16. Medical examination of the survivors showed a decreased number of lymphocytes.
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