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  1. The lymphocyte count can also be directly measured by flow cytometry.
  2. Runners practising meditation had lower lymphocyte counts at rest before the race.
  3. Most people with A-T have low lymphocyte counts in the blood.
  4. There may also be an increased lymphocyte count.
  5. This technique can predict SCID even when lymphocyte counts are within the normal range.
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  7. Homozygous males had abnormal peripheral blood lymphocyte counts and homozygotes of both sex had eye abnormalities.
  8. In the general population, very low lymphocyte counts are associated with an increased risk for infection.
  9. Alternatively, only granulocytes, macrophages and monocytes can be removed, leaving the lymphocyte count largely unchanged.
  10. A high lymphocyte count ( > 100 x 10 9 / L ) along with anemia and thrombocytopenia are common findings.
  11. Studies have shown this treatment combined with valacyclovir to be effective in combating HSV-1 and eventually returning lymphocyte counts to normal.
  12. The women remained otherwise healthy, but low lymphocyte counts are a symptom of an immune system that is potentially more vulnerable to infection.
  13. If lymphocyte counts are low in people taking those types of drugs, the use of prophylactic antibiotics is recommended to prevent opportunistic infections.
  14. Both displayed decreased grip strength while the males also had decreased body weight, length, bone mineral content and atypical peripheral blood lymphocyte counts.
  15. Increases in lymphocyte count are often accompanied by an increase in cerebrospinal protein concentrations in addition to pleocytosis of other types of white blood cells.
  16. This problem seems to be relatively stable with age, but a rare number of people do have progressively decreasing lymphocyte counts as they get older.
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