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  1. The peripheral lymphoid organs are the sites of lymphocyte activation by antigens.
  2. T-cell exhaustion is mediated by several inhibitory receptors including lymphocyte activation gene 3 protein ( LAG3 ).
  3. The defect in lymphocyte activation and protective immunity suggested that caspase-8 had additional signaling roles in lymphocytes.
  4. This gene encodes a member of the cytoprotective function that is essential for lymphocyte activation as well as cell survival.
  5. The "'signalling lymphocyte activation molecule family "'( SLAMF ) of innate and adaptive immune responses.
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  7. From 1987 to 2002, she was Head of the Lymphocyte Activation Laboratory at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute.
  8. The protein encoded by this gene shares similarity with mouse Hs1bp3, an Hcls1-interacting protein that may be involved in lymphocyte activation.
  9. Upon lymphocyte activation TIRC7 is upregulated to engage HLA-DR?2 and induce apoptotic signals in human CD4 + and CD8 + T-cells.
  10. Genetic ablation of the paracaspase gene in mice and biochemical studies have shown that paracaspase is a crucial protein for T and B lymphocytes activation.
  11. Contrary to ciclosporin and tacrolimus, drugs that affect the first phase of T lymphocyte activation, sirolimus affects the second phase, namely signal transduction and lymphocyte clonal proliferation.
  12. The functional enrichment analysis of this group of genes using gene ontology showed that there are many genes related with cytokine production, lymphocyte activation and the response to bacterial infection.
  13. CD48 is a member of the CD2 subfamily of the immunoglobulin superfamily ( IgSF ) which includes SLAM ( signaling lymphocyte activation molecules ) proteins, such as CD84, CD150, CD229 and CD244.
  14. This kinase was shown to activate IkappaB kinases, and thus induce the nuclear production of NF-kappaB . This kinase was also found to promote the production of TNF-alpha and IL-2 during T lymphocyte activation.
  15. Thus, it seems plausible that PKA in the cAMP pathway could even be further involved in the regulation of lymphocyte activation not only by inhibiting the antigen-receptor MAPK signal pathway at its final stage, but even further upstream.
  16. As the Director of the Laboratory for Differentiation and Scientific Advisor to the Under Secretary of Veteran's Affairs, she studies the control of human prostate cancer growth with VA grants and the regulation of bone and lymphocyte activation with NASA grants.
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