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  1. Aluminium cylinders are generally less negatively buoyant than steel cylinders of equivalent capacity, and high pressure cylinders more negative than low pressure cylinders of the same material.
  2. There were two high pressure cylinders, each measuring in diameter; one intermediate pressure cylinder measuring in diameter; and two low pressure cylinders, each measuring in diameter.
  3. An obituary in The Engineer ( 8 June 1906 ) criticised his express compound design, which used un-coupled high and low pressure cylinders, a design promoted by Webb alone.
  4. "Mona's Queen " was the last ship built for the Company to be fitted with high pressure cylinders was 50 inches, the diameter of the low pressure cylinders was 88 inches, both producing a stroke length of 72 inches.
  5. In 1862 the beam engine was compounded and with its high and low pressure cylinders, could develop about 260 h . p . at 49 or 50 r . p . m . for years everything in the mill owed its power to the beam engine.
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  7. Compared to other Mallet locomotives which were placed in service during the first decade of the SAR s existence, the Class ME was unique in being arranged as a simple expansion ( simplex ) locomotive with four high pressure cylinders, instead of the more usual compound expansion arrangement of two high pressure and two low pressure cylinders.
  8. Hence, to get from 1kPa to 1000Mpa, there would need to be six pistons, each 10x thinner in cross-section than the previous one . . . well, if the low pressure cylinder has the same area as your fingertip ( let's say 1cm x 1cm ) then the second is ~ 0.3mm, the third 1mm, then 0.3mm, then 0.1mm, and the last high pressure cylinder would be 0.03mm in diameter.

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