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  1. The Housatonic sank, but so did the submarine, fashioned from locomotive boilers.
  2. By this time, the locomotive boiler had become ubiquitous for traction engines.
  3. Remember Andre Malraux's book about revolutionaries being thrown into locomotive boilers?
  4. This was a conventional traction engine-style overtype with a locomotive boiler.
  5. Steam for the engines was provided by four coal-fired locomotive boilers.
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  7. Steam for the engines was provided by eight coal-fired locomotive boilers.
  8. The washing out of a steam locomotive boiler consisted in six stages of work:
  9. The Housatonic sank, but so did the submarine, which was fashioned from locomotive boilers.
  10. In 1995, the Federal Railroad Administration issued new safety standards for steam locomotive boilers.
  11. The engines were supplied with steam by six locomotive boilers split into two boiler rooms.
  12. It could, for example, replace locomotive boilers and fireboxes.
  13. The most vigorous boiling in a locomotive boiler takes place around the hottest part, the firebox.
  14. Steam was supplied from locomotive boilers and twin screws propelled her at up to on forced draught.
  15. The Housatonic sank but the hand-cranked Hunley, fashioned from locomotive boilers, also went down with its nine-man crew.
  16. This was to prevent a buildup of scale in locomotive boilers that would shorten the life of boilers.
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