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  1. Should locomotives be powered by " clean diesel " or electric engines?
  2. The agency already has ordered that some locomotives be taken out of service until problems are fixed.
  3. The engine operated at Toot and Whistle's Kuirau park railway for six years before officialdom demanded the locomotive be retired.
  4. He suggested that four of the latter's locomotives be purchased for the Kishanganj section, but the management turned it down.
  5. But how can both locomotives be useful unless they have exactly the same power ( with the middle coupling slack )?
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  7. At long and a weight of, the cast steel locomotive bed plate made by General Steel Castings was the largest single-piece casting ever made for a locomotive.
  8. Pacific steam locomotives be introduced; they were designed specifically for flat and fast lines but had a very high weight per axle compared to locomotives previously used in Italy.
  9. This is due to FRA requirements that all boiler tubes and flues on steam locomotives be replaced every 15 years, or 1472 days of operation ( whichever comes first ).
  10. Five were built by Beyer, Peacock and Company in 1915, with an addition five built in 1947, making them the last inside-cylinder 4-4-0 locomotive be manufactured anywhere in the world
  11. The cast steel locomotive bed and Worthington feedwater heater both proved themselves, and they became a feature of most PRR steam locomotives built after the K5, and indeed those on many other railroads.
  12. In the 1920s, with the introduction of " superpower ", the cast-steel locomotive bed became the norm, incorporating frames, spring hangers, motion brackets, smokebox saddle and cylinder blocks into a single complex, sturdy but heavy casting.
  13. In September 1950 the commutators had to be replaced in a very costly repaire during which a screw fell into the gear which led to such damage that the Yverdon shops requested the locomotive be retired in 1957.
  14. John Elliot, a public relations assistant to the Southern Railway, proposed to the board in December 1924 that the next batch of express passenger locomotives be named after characters from Arthurian legend, and that a named train be introduced.
  15. So the story goes, an LNER enthusiast who worked in the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society, realised in time that 4498 was the 100th Gresley Pacific locomotive and the suggestion was made that the locomotive be named after its designer.
  16. Most mobile sources of pollution are subject to regulation by the federal government, which can dictate, for example, that cars achieve a certain fuel efficiency, or that construction equipment burn cleaner diesel, or that locomotives be equipped with modern pollution-control devices.
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