locomotive basic in a sentence

  1. Locomotive BASIC granted a relatively high level of control over the CPC sound chip an AY-3-8912 with 3 melodic channels and 1 noise channel.
  2. Instead, Amstrad provided the firmware for both models via the ROM extension facility, contained on the included " Burnin'Rubber and Locomotive BASIC " cartridge.
  3. A later Locomotive BASIC was BASIC2 for Digital Research's GEM GUI, as supplied with the Amstrad PC-1512 and PC-1640 range of PC clones.
  4. Its Locomotive BASIC for the CPC range was fast and highly featured implementation of BASIC for the time and later led to the development of Mallard BASIC for Amstrad's CP / M + machines.
  5. The number in parentheses means the primary ink number for the Locomotive BASIC PEN, PAPER and INK statements ( that is, " ( 1 ) " means ink # 1 defaults to this color ).
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  7. Unlike Sinclair BASIC or Commodore 64 BASIC, which had various keyboard command shortcuts or specialized keys for choosing symbols or colors, Locomotive BASIC keywords were typed in full and the interpreter parsed, recognized and tokenised them.
  8. AMSDOS was provided built into ROM ( either supplied with the external disk drive or in the machine ROM, depending on model ) and was accessible through the built-in Locomotive BASIC as well as through firmware routines.

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