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  1. The derailment had been the result of a broken locomotive axle.
  2. :I'll start you off with links to Bo-Bo and Co-Co . They seem to relate somewhat to UIC classification of locomotive axle arrangements.
  3. Thermite may be used for repair by the welding in-place of thick steel sections such as locomotive axle-frames where the repair can take place without removing the part from its installed location.
  4. The "'UIC classification of locomotive axle arrangements "', also known as "'German classification "', describes the wheel arrangement of locomotives, multiple units and trams.
  5. Unlike the Whyte notation and AAR system, both of which are used to classify wheel arrangements, and the UIC classification of locomotive axle arrangements, the Swiss system, in both its original and updated forms, takes into account a number of other variables, including track gauge, motive power type, and maximum speed.
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