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  1. This kind of local analysis provides conditions for solution that are " necessary ".
  2. _Decentralize spending programs for poverty alleviation to include more local analysis and control over content.
  3. Pseudo relevance feedback, also known as blind relevance feedback, provides a method for automatic local analysis.
  4. Siniscalco s vision was not only to improve efficiency by enabling local analysis of the Sardinian people s genome.
  5. This theory has been developed with great attention to local analysis, leading to the definition of the Tate-Shafarevich group.
  6. It's difficult to find local analysis in a sentence.
  7. Mora y Araujo, who spends his days providing local analysis of the devastating Argentine economic crisis, said he welcomed the Cup entertainment.
  8. Many of the techniques they introduced in their proof, especially the idea of local analysis, were developed further into tools used in the classification.
  9. According to a local analysis, the number of printed tickets topped the capacity of the stadium by itself, and the circulation of counterfeit tickets made excessive attendance uncontrollable.
  10. Mora y Araujo, who spends his days providing local analysis of the devastating Argentine economic crisis, said he welcomes the night and the World Cup entertainment it brings.
  11. Some form of local analysis underlies both the standard applications of the Hardy-Littlewood circle method in analytic number theory, and the use of adele rings, making this one of the unifying principles across number theory.
  12. In cases where local analysis ( plus the condition that there are real solutions ) provides also " sufficient " conditions, one says that the " Hasse principle " holds : this is the best possible situation.
  13. The normalizers of nontrivial " p "-subgroups of a finite group are called the " "'p "-local subgroups "'and exert a great deal of control over the structure of the group ( allowing what is called local analysis ).
  14. While the determination of D ( h ) calls for some exhaustive local analysis of the data, which would result in difficult and numerically unstable calculations, the estimation of the \ zeta ( q ) relies on the use of statistical averages and linear regressions in log-log diagrams.
  15. After local analysis combined with personal knowledge of organizations and companies working in the field of renewable energy and sustainable design in Pisa, finally CRETA decided to contribute towards more training among the public in order to promote knowledge of the renewable energy sources and promote their use, in other words, to spread awareness.

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