local ambiguity in a sentence

"local ambiguity" in Chinese  
  1. Local ambiguities persist only for a short amount of time as an utterance is heard or written and are resolved during the course of the utterance so the complete utterance has only one interpretation.
  2. When readers process a local ambiguity, they settle on one of the possible interpretations immediately without waiting to hear or read more words that might help decide which interpretation is correct ( the behaviour is called " incremental processing " ).
  3. The first involves a local ambiguity, meaning that it can be clarified within the sentence, often with punctuation or the addition of a word, as in the sentence " The old train the young fight . " Adding a semicolon reads : " The old train; the young fight ", and the meaning is more clearly read.
  4. It's difficult to find local ambiguity in a sentence.

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