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  1. A prerequisite for local alignment is a negative expectation score.
  2. I am trying to understand global and local alignments, using dynamic programming.
  3. If it is a local alignment, you will align the 3's together.
  4. The PairWise algorithm is a variant of the Smith Waterman algorithm best local alignment algorithm.
  5. For example, Foldalign focuses on local alignments and restricts the possible length of the sequences alignment.
  6. It's difficult to find local alignment in a sentence.
  7. Scores for each position are obtained frequencies of substitutions in blocks of local alignments of protein sequences.
  8. You'd be performing a local alignment of the editor's contribution with each website.
  9. The alignment of unrelated sequences tends to produce optimal local alignment scores which follow an extreme value distribution.
  10. By contrast, local alignments identify regions of similarity within long sequences that are often widely divergent overall.
  11. One method used to estimate nucleotide or protein sequence similarity is the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool ( BLAST ).
  12. In that case, the short sequence should be globally aligned but only a local alignment is desired for the long sequence.
  13. Loops of up to about 9 residues can be modeled with moderate accuracy in some cases if the local alignment is correct.
  14. Computational approaches to sequence alignment generally fall into two categories : " global alignments " and " local alignments ".
  15. Local alignments are often preferable, but can be more difficult to calculate because of the additional challenge of identifying the regions of similarity.
  16. Another motivation for using local alignments is that there is a reliable statistical model ( developed by Karlin and Altschul ) for optimal local alignments.
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